Digital Penang, YGL Convergence Berhad to boost SMEs

22 September 2023, George Town – Digital Penang inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with YGL Convergence Berhad to foster innnovation and  position the state as a global digital business hub.

The partnership underscores the fact that Penang possesses the necessary talent and vision to excel on the global stage. In his address, Ts. Ng Kwang Ming, CEO of Digital Penang, represented by Mr Khooi Chu Boon, Director of SME & Community Development of Digital Penang, highlighted the essence of entrepreneurship, stating, “Entrepreneurship is about having a desire to improve existing solutions or solve real-world problems. YGL Convergence Berhad has not only demonstrated this but has successfully crafted an ERP solution tailored to the needs of SMEs in Malaysia and the region.” He further noted that YGL Convergence Berhad’s listing in July 2005 was a testament to their commitment to growth and innovation. 

The newly forged MOU between YGL Convergence Berhad and Digital Penang sets the stage for collaborative events focusing on SMEs in Penang, enabling them to equip themselves with latest knowledge and skills. The goal is to enhance their productivity and efficiency in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Recognizing that many SMEs operate with limited resources, Ts. Ng Kwang Ming emphasised, “One has to stop and sharpen the saw, learning the updated and necessary skills to become better in what one does.”

Digital Penang, backed by partners like YGL Convergence Berhad, is committed to engaging closely with Penang’s SMEs, delivering insights into industry trends and the latest advancements in technology and methodology.

In closing, Digital Penang expressed hope for the future of Penang’s SMEs, highlighting the invaluable support and encouragement from both the industry and the State Government.

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