Enhancing Interconnectivity Infrastructure with Leading Internet Exchange Operator

4 December 2023, George TownDigital Penang and DE-CIX Malaysia, a subsidiary of the DE-CIX Group, a leading global Internet Exchange (IX) operator, announced a ground-breaking partnership to establish the Penang Internet Exchange (PIX). This strategic collaboration aims to revolutionise the interconnectivity landscape in Penang and propel the region’s digital capabilities to new heights through faster, more affordable, and more resilient internet connectivity.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Digital Penang to establish the Penang Internet Exchange, a game-changing development for the region’s digital infrastructure. As Penang is already renowned for its innovation and technological advancements, the state is perfectly positioned to become the next interconnectivity hub in Southeast Asia,” said Wong Weng Yew, member of the Board of Management at DE-CIX Malaysia.

He further added, “Through this partnership, we aim to provide a state-of-the-art interconnection platform that will catalyse the growth of digital ecosystems in Penang and empower businesses, institutions, and individuals with enhanced connectivity and unparalleled access to global networks. PIX powered by DE-CIX will serve as a vital gateway, enabling the exchange of data and the facilitation of collaboration, thereby driving innovation and accelerating economic growth.”

With the Malaysian government ramping up its efforts to further reinvigorate the country’s digitalisation capabilities to make Malaysia one of the key digital infrastructure hubs in the region, the regulatory landscape and technology-friendly policies have been significantly improved over the years. Therefore, this collaboration will undoubtedly contribute to accelerating the digital adoption rate, especially for businesses.

To ensure the security and reliability of PIX, it will be managed according to the standard operating policy that is practised by DE-CIX Malaysia for other IXs. This policy adopts strict adherence to the best security practices in the industry, guaranteeing a secure and reliable Internet Exchange environment.

“The strategic partnership between Digital Penang and DE-CIX Malaysia represents a significant milestone in our continuous endeavours to position Penang as a leading digital hub in Southeast Asia. The Penang Internet Exchange will serve as a pivotal hub for local internet activities that catalyse the widespread adoption of digital applications including IoT, AI and IR4.0,” affirmed Ts. Ng Kwang Ming, Chief Executive Officer of Digital Penang. “We anticipate investments from content providers, Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), and various other internet-related businesses, which will play a vital role in building the foundation of a robust data centre ecosystem in Penang.”

Ts. Ng Kwang Ming underscored that the Penang Internet Exchange is designed to improve the internet user experience of Penangites. Furthermore, it is poised to create opportunities for the next generation by driving newer latency sensitive digital service adoption within local communities and enterprises.

“Local interconnection with all its benefits has long been awaited in Penang, and we at DE-CIX are proud to be part of history today, playing our part to make Penang and Malaysia a vibrant digital hub within the region. This closely aligns with the recent Malaysian Budget 2024 announcement, reflecting the government’s objectives of elevating Malaysia to a high-income nation and attracting increased foreign direct investments.” added Wong Weng Yew.

Together, Digital Penang and DE-CIX are dedicated to accelerating the growth of Penang’s digital economy as well as reinforcing the region’s status as an attractive destination for businesses, technology companies and investors. DE-CIX Penang will play a pivotal role in enabling high speed, reliable and secure interconnectivity, which is crucial for fostering collaboration and driving digital innovation across industries.

The collaboration between DE-CIX Malaysia and Digital Penang will also promote knowledge sharing and technical expertise in the field of Internet Exchanges. Training sessions and an annual Penang Peering Forum will be organised to facilitate knowledge exchange and enhance technical proficiency among stakeholders. For more information on how to participate, please visit www.de-cix.my.

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